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Colonel George Handy House
Princess Anne, Maryland

located in Somerset County
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Colonel George Handy (1756-1820) gained statewide as well as national fame in service to his country during the revolutionary War. He initially went into battle as a private with Maryland troops led by General Smallwood in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. Later in the war, he saw action in the Southern Campaign while riding in the cavalry led by “Light Horse” Harry Lee, the father of Robert E. Lee.

Colonel George Handy

Following the Revolutionary War, Colonel Handy returned to Somerset County and went into business in the town of Kingston. In 1787, he married 16-year-old Elizabeth Wilson. Ms. Wilson’s father was so opposed to the marriage that the couple had to elope. Following a stint of legal work in South Carolina, Handy returned to Somerset County as a planter. He was elected Sheriff of Somerset County in 1797.

Handy maintained close associations with various prominent men whom he befriended during the Revolutionary War. He named his 11th child, born on Christmas Day, 1809, at Handy House, Alexander Hamilton Handy for his close friend and associate, Alexander Hamilton. During the period that Colonel Handy and his family resided at Handy House,

He held the position of Clerk of Court of Somerset County until his death in 1820 at the age of 64.


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