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Historic House For Sale in Marion Station, MD - Somerset County

Victorian House for sale c. 1892.  4 beds, 2 baths, 2200 sq. ft. on 0.78 acres.  Rural, quiet setting, beautiful landscape, 2 miles from the water. Slate roof - original trim, fish pond, 2 outbuildings.

Historic House For Sale
The Vance Miles House
Victorian Queen Anne for sale near Crisfield
Marion Station, Maryland

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Historic House For Sale on the Eastern Shore

History of Marion Station, MD


Marion Station is a small town in Somerset County that lies between Westover and Crisfield.  Originally, the town was originally designated as "Colbourne Creek" and the center of activity lay several miles to the west, on the banks of the creek..  

Once the railroad to Crisfield was put through in 1866, there was a need to erect a train station in Marion.  John C. Horsey donated the right of way for the railroad and a train station and named the depot after his daughter, Marion.  Thus a thriving village grew up around "Marion Station" and it later became the largest strawberry producing area in the world. 


Largest Strawberry Block in the World - Marion Station


Marion Station also built the first hospital in Somerset County.  Locals still remember it as well as the movie house, blacksmith shops, grocery store and hardware store.  The Adams Hardware Store still stands and is in remarkable condition.  Anna Mae Adams-Pennewell, daughter of J. Stanley Adams still opens the hardware store every morning (except Sunday).  She is 89 years old and can offer many stories about the town and the people who have lived there. 

Today the downtown area of Marion Station looks much as it did 100 years ago.  You can still see the old buildings, bank and train station.  Many of the buildings are now vacant and there's not much activity in the old downtown.  The new Marion Fire Station now occupies one of the main corners and the train station has been fully restored - serving as the Acconhannock Indian Museum.  The remaining buildings stand waiting for restoration and rejuvenation.  Because of the "vacant" appearance of the old town, Marion Station has been deemed an official "ghost town" - the only one in Maryland - by an organization that monitors ghost towns in America.

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